How to get MD5 checksum for a file in Java

Published on March 22, 2016 by Daniel Lanza


MD5 checksum is a 128-bit hash value (32 digit hexadecimal number). This works as a fingerprint for a file which let us compare together other files to find out duplicate files.

These Java classes will let us calculate MD5 checksum for any single file.

Maven dependencies


MD5 Java class

package com.dalanz.file;


import org.apache.commons.codec.digest.DigestUtils;

public class GetMD5ForFile {

    private File file;

    public GetMD5ForFile(String filePath) {
        this.file = new File(filePath);

    public GetMD5ForFile(File file) {
        this.file = file;

    public String getMD5() {
        String md5 = null;

        FileInputStream fileInputStream = null;

        try {
            fileInputStream = new FileInputStream(this.file);

            // md5Hex converts an array of bytes into an array of characters representing the hexadecimal values of each byte in order.
            // The returned array will be double the length of the passed array, as it takes two characters to represent any given byte.

            md5 = DigestUtils.md5Hex(IOUtils.toByteArray(fileInputStream));


        } catch (IOException e) {

        return md5;

Main class


import com.dalanz.file.GetMD5ForFile;

public class test {

    public static void main(String[] args) {

        String filePath = "/Users/dlanza/Desktop/Test.txt";

        GetMD5ForFile file = new GetMD5ForFile(filePath);

        System.out.println("MD5: " + file.getMD5());


MD5: 6cbca9b36efc68e359df0d66338e0141
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